1. You are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions when using this web site and or when you accept our quotation/price or from the date of any performance of Elite Surface Finishing Limited.
  1. Customers are not permitted to use Elite Surface Finishing Limited for any purpose that is unlawful.
  1. These conditions apply to the contract /price to the exclusion of any other terms that you try to impose or incorporate or which are implied by trade, custom, practice or course of dealing.
  1. TWe warrant that we will use reasonable care and skill in our performance of the services which will comply with the quotation including any specification in all material respects. We can make any changes to the Services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement, and we will notify you if this is necessary.
  2. We will use reasonable endeavours to complete the services within the time agreed, however time shall not be of the essence in the performance of our obligations.
  3. All these Terms and Conditions apply to the supply of any goods as well as services unless we specify otherwise.
  1. You must obtain any permissions, consents, licences or others that we need and must give us access to any and all relevant information and any other material which we need to meet our obligations. 8. We are not liable for any delay or failure to provide the services if this is caused by your failure to comply with the provisions of this section.
  1. We can withdraw, cancel or amend a quotation if it has not been accepted by you, or if it has not been accepted by you or if the services have not started within a period of 30 days from the date of the quotation.
  2. Either we or you can cancel an order for any reason prior to your acceptance of the quotation.
  3. If you want to amend any details of the Services you must notify us as soon as possible. We will use reasonable endeavours to make any required changes and any additional costs will be included in the fees and invoiced to you.
  4. if, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have to make any change in the services or how they are provided, we will notify you immediately. We will use reasonable endeavours to keep any such changes to a minimum.
  1. We will invoice you for payment when we have completed the Services.
  2. Customers with an account facility must pay the fees due within 30 days of the date of our invoice or otherwise in accordance with any credit. Non account facility holders will pay prior to or on collection of services.
  3. Time for payment shall be of essence of the contract.
  4. All payments due under these Terms and Conditions must be made in full without any deduction or withholding except as required by law and neither of us can assert any credit, set-off or counterclaim against the other in order to justify withholding payment of any such amount in whole or in part.
  5. If you do not pay within the period set out above we can suspend any further provision of the services which have been ordered by or otherwise or arranged with you. Retention of work processed by Elite Surface Finishing can be made pending clearance of outstanding invoices.
  6. Receipts for payment will issued by us only at your request.
  1. We can terminate the provision of the services immediately if you:
    1. commit a material breach of your obligations under these terms and Conditions; or
    2. fail to pay any amount due under the contract on the due day for payment; or
    3. are or become or, in our reasonable opinion are about to become, the subject of a bankruptcy order or take advantage of any other statutory provision for the relief of insolvent debtor; or
    4. enter into a voluntary arrangement under Part 1 of the Insolvency Act 1986 or any other scheme or arrangement is made with its creditors.
  1. We reserve all copyright and any other intellectual property rights which may subsist in any goods supply in connection with the provision of the Services. We reserve the right to take any appropriate action to restrain or prevent the infringement of such infringement of such intellectual property rights.
  1. Our liability under these Terms and Conditions and in breach of statutory duty, and in tort or misrepresentation or otherwise, shall be limited as set out in this clause.
  2. The total amount of our liability is limited to the total amount of the fee payable by you under the contract/order.
  3. We are not liable (whether caused by our employees, agents, or otherwise) in connection with our provision of the Services or the performance of any of our other obligations under these Terms and Conditions or the quotation/order for.
    1. any indirect, special or consequential loss, damage, costs or expenses or;
    2. any loss of profits; loss of anticipated profits; loss of business; loss of data; loss of reputation or goodwill; business interruption; or there their party claims; or
    3. any failure to perform any of our obligations if such delay or failure is due to any cause beyond our reasonable control; or
    4. any losses caused directly or indirectly by any failure or your breach in relation to your obligations; or
    5. any losses arising directly or indirectly from the choice of Services and how they will meet your requirements or your use of the services or any goods supplied in connection with the services.
  4. You must indemnify us against all damages. costs, claims, and expenses suffered by us arising from any loss or damage to any equipment (including that belonging to third parties) caused by you or your agents or employees.
  1. This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted according to the law of England and Wales and all disputes arising under the Agreement (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shawl be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction ion of the English and Welsh courts.